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Foreign Field Security Training

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February 15 – 16, 2018

Entebbe, Uganda

Security Foundations

  • A discussion on why security and security training should matter to me, and an overview of crime trends and applicable crime prevention measures.
  • A contextual study and discussion of case studies that help participants to think about security

Threat Recognition and Awareness

  • This session discusses the criminal mindset, various actors, and political, criminal, ideological goals. This        session will also challenge the way participants think    when assessing a situation, to include the identification          and value of understanding non-verbal cues.
  • The Attack Cycle
  • Situational Awareness and Threat Identification
  • OODA Observe Orient Decide and Act

Hostile Observation Awareness

  • An interactive class, based on U.S. and British military and intelligence practices, for surveillance awareness, the anti-surveillance mindset, and actions to be taken if surveillance is detected.
  • Practical exercises aim to induce stress and anxiety on participants, so they can better understand the mindset, emotions, and weaknesses of those conducting surveillance.

Active Shooter/Aggressor Survival

  • A study on current threats and violent trends across the globe Because of the increasing prevalence in active shooter    and active aggressor incidents in previously unheard-of     locales, this session focuses on practical steps to abate these situations and the skills needed to survive.


Who-What-Where-When-WHY: Interviews & Interrogations

  • A session on how your skills, abilities, and the outcomes of your activities guide how you answer when being questioned. This session highlights how a person’s past (and those like them) defines others’ perception of them and allows for strategic interpersonal communication.
  • Attention will be given to questions, responses, aims, incentives, non-verbal communication, and the definition of success.

Vehicle Operations/Carjacking Mitigation and Survival

  • Pre-planning and preparedness discussion on utilizing vehicles        in the field.
  • Teaching on the best practices in carjacking mitigation

Government and Non-Government Checkpoints

  • Utilizing skills gained from the previous sessions, participants will experience 6–8 vignettes that include four to five individuals. The vignettes will force them to think about how to react during a situation when pre-planning is limited and ethical decisions must be made.


  • Definition: skill in planning, making, or executing; an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic
  • Putting it all together. This final session puts the previous sessions into action. How do we live out the 5W’s? Does          everything about us and the things we bring with us (such as technology) compliment or compromise who we are?

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