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Digest 2 – Remove Your Mask

by | May 14, 2019 | Sanctuary Digest | 0 comments

First of all be you!

Every training I go to or ever went to; I try very hard to be me, to take off any masks, and put ego aside. Be good at what I’m good at, know what I’m not good at and accept that there is always room for improvement on both.

As a former Special Agent with the CIA I had to shoot and qualify on some of the toughest shooting quals probably in the world. My unit shot other Government agency qualifications courses as warmups for our events. Even though I was A former U.S. Soldier, Police Officer, and Private Security Contractor, I was not the best marksman on the range. My forte if you will, was the house tactics, the actual skills of close combat in an urban setting. However, in a line of Alpha egos, former special operators from every branch of service, humility was a huge risk. A risk though I’m thankful I bore. Good instructors soon recognized that I wasn’t arrogant. Instead I was hungry for improvement and that their advice would be seriously considered and attempted. Thus, while others fell by the wayside my skills improved, my knowledge increased, and marksmanship became easier. In a class with a high attrition rate from either marksmanship, close quarters tactics, injuries, or just plain ole attitude issues, at the end of the day I stood with the graduates and moved on to the next evolution of training.

Now as an international security and safety trainer this is the first lesson, I try to get across to my class participants. We all wear many masks. Mask for work, mask at school, mask for friends, and maybe even masks at home with family. However, to truly get the most out of training you need to get from behind the mask as much as possible. Training events should be a safe place for you to be you. If its not find another teacher or class.

Whatever the subject matter is it needs to be able to apply to you. For your instructor to deliver it the best and most meaningful way possible, they need to see you, not the pretend you.

So, if you want to get better at something. If you are going to a class to improve or learn a new skill, then leave the masks at home or at least in the parking lot with the car. Be open to the fact you are not the best at everything and someone or something picked up from this event will make you better or more knowledgeable in the end. Lastly masks, I could write a whole article on this subject, but the truth is humanly we can’t get away from them completely. We all put on our best us and sometimes for a good reason. A job interview, a speaking engagement, church, a date!! Masks can help us to see the positive good person we want to be and then strive to be that person for at least a while. Just remember the best you is always within reach, the mask Is just a temporary solution. Make it a part of the real you and eventually you will have a box of unused masks.


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